Complex problems require composite solutions

goAct integrates data to facilitate action for improved health processes and care models

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goAct liberates fast, easy and actionable data

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It’s fast because it aggregates data, facilitates rapid social interaction and engagement and... provides secure, smart device data feeds anytime, anywhere.

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It’s easy because you simply select the features you need and then we customise the design... so that you have immediate access.

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It’s actionable because it correlates quantitative AND qualitative data, delivers active feedback... for ongoing improvement and utilises machine learning intelligence to automate analysis especially through predictive analysis.

goAct creates clarity from and within your data helping you to generate longterm insights, ongoing improvement and better, evidence based interventions


  • “Psychological investigation needs participants. goAct helped us solve this problematic issue and recruit, hold and engage people.”

    Professor Julio Licinio

    M.D., FRANZCP, Deputy Director for Translational Medicine and Head, Mind and Brain Theme at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) and Strategic Professor of Psychiatry, Flinders University.

  • “goACT provided us with a user-friendly system that allowed us to smoothly gather outcome measures and communicate with both local, and remote and regional-based patients. It made the provision of services, to a regional population without access to face to face services, engaging and efficient.”

    Dr Susan Simpson

    Director, Schema Therapy Training, Scotland and Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the University of South Australia


    “only 20 percent of the factors that influence a person’s health are related to access and quality of health care. The other 80 percent are due to socioeconomic, environmental, or behavioral factors…”

    Hussein and Collins

    Why big health systems are investing in community health, Harvard Business Review 2016 (citing Going beyond clinical walls: Solving complex problems, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2014)

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In more detail

goAct is a platform used by health researchers and clinicians to enable improved health processes and care models. Through the use of secure, smart device data feeds and a broad range of information from other sources that you choose, including personalised social networks, goAct aggregates and connects data. goAct facilitates social interaction and engagement to greatly improve the quality of the information you receive.

Naturally, there are complex factors at play with complex health conditions. goAct assists you to visualise and integrate the data, undertake predictive analysis - machine learning - and engage in processes of ongoing improvement — feedback.

With goAct, you select the features you need and we customise the design and offer ongoing, tailored support.

Some of the problems goAct helps to solve

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You need adaptable logic for effective surveys.


You have qualitative data; how does this link to data from say, a fitbit?


You want to integrate data from wearables (giving physical activity data) with EMA (ecological momentary assessment) data.


You know that environmental factors impact a chronic health condition but how can you get quality data across such variable influences?


You know what patients and chronic disease sufferers say to friends and family is clinically important but how do you aggregate this data and hold it in a way that is meaningful and useful?


goAct creates clarity around composite solutions for complex problems

Watch showing heart rate
Watch showing heart rate

goAct allows you to integrate multiple data sources – qualitative and quantitative – to inform process and care models.

It is a base for generative feedback loops delivering ongoing improvement. You can use predictive analytics with multiple sources of data and machine learning capabilities to make healthcare-related predictions.

In research, goAct can improve participant engagement leading to more reliable data collection and research outcomes. It can create a bridge from research to clinical practice and, where desirable, encompass psychological, social and environmental determinants of health alongside specific clinical interventions. In clinical settings, goAct can enhance patient care models and empower patients delivering better health outcomes such as for chronic health conditions associated with mental health, general wellbeing, nutrition, sleep and many more.


goAct is independent of operating systems, proprietary standards and tools that provide individual insight yet make it hard to see the whole health (big) picture. Participants, users, patients, researchers and clinicians can engage with it through a website, phone/ipad/tablet apps and ‘smart’ devices.

At its core, goAct is adaptable to the particular and specific needs of a research or health intervention. goAct’s broad feature set allows us to quickly adapt it to your particular conditions and circumstances. We’re a small and agile; dedicated to collaborating with and supporting universities, researchers, health practitioners and clinical organisations.

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Explore Features

Liberating fast, easy and actionable data.

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Fast Data

Solve complex problems fast with all the data you need to ensure the most appropriate and and timely interventions.

Access, download and analyse data from over 50 apps and devices that participants can sync to goAct. Track momentary assessment, such as mood and other subjective experiences, and schedule customised or validated assessments and questionnaire surveys.

Deliver tailored content and manage all interactions and timely communication with your patients or research participants. For example, you can send and track email, sms and goAct note communications to keep research participants informed and engaged or to efficiently keep patient care up to date.

Connect and involve family, friends and other health professionals alongside patient/participant perspectives of their health journey and outcomes

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Aggregates data
Data web

Access a wealth of synchronous qualitative and quantitative data:

  • Multi-dimensional data collected from multiple sources
  • Demographics
  • EMAs
  • Existing Health Conditions
  • Assessment tools (e.g. DASS, PHQ9)
  • Surveys (subjective mood/sleep/energy)
  • Continuous real-time measurement of biomarkers (over 50 apps and devices for fitness, physiological, nutritional and other ‘health’ data)
  • Integrate across time
  • Phone and web apps for customised questions and quick participant / patient input
  • Capture group, family interaction, social engagement, qualitative feedback data and more
  • Systems and environmental data adds depth to information and understanding of health influencing factors
  • Entrust private data with our secure encryption storage capacity with Amazon Web Services in Australia or the USA. (Alternatively, goAct can be installed on your database)
Smart device data feeds

Ensure a seamless and secure flow of data with sleek, modern, easy to use web and phone apps:

  • Mix and match over 50 apps and devices such as Fitbits, Withings, Apple as well as self reporting applications (MyFitnessPal, Strava etc.)
  • Access our cloud-based platform from your phones, tablets/ipads and computers
  • Customise and activate your account within days
  • Receive seamless product updates and improvements
Facilitates social interaction and engagement
Girl using and iPad

Maintain continuity of care through the timely, tailored and secure exchange of data:

  • Research participant engagement
  • Share up to date patient health information
  • Send and track email, sms and goAct note communications
  • Share text, video, image, files, SMS, push notifications
  • Track all patient interactions
  • Communicate efficiently
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You choose the features you need, we create a customised platform that makes it easy for you to better manage complex and chronic health issues.

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Select Features
Computer with chart

Select the features that provide the best match to chart your client’s progress:

  • Content
  • Complex scoring systems
  • Validated assessments
  • Adaptable logic surveying
  • Personalised content
  • Targeted resources
  • Develop personalised care plans
  • Customised questionnaires - adaptable logic, your content and graphics
  • Data export and reports
  • Smart personal and system (e.g. buildings) device data feeds
Customised Design
Laptop with interface design

Interface with an intuitive design that meets your needs so you can start improving health processes and care models straight away:

  • You get the features you need to precisely address your problems
  • As evidence increases you can add features
  • No additional installation costs or complex IT integration required
Dedicated Customer Support
Customer support staff

Receive ongoing, tailored support from a dedicated member of our design team:

  • Dashboard views for long term insights and intervention
  • Designated ongoing support tailored to your needs
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Build health ecosystems by linking data, experience, environment and life circumstances to health care decisions.

Drive deep understanding into health processes and care models – work with clinical data and interventions alongside psychological, behavioural, environmental and social determinants of health.

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Connect quantitative and qualitative data

Understand your data from multiple perspectives including measurable information and the more subjective feedback such as social influences:

  • Dashboard views - view instantly so you can interpret and share your discoveries
  • Publish dashboards and share with care teams
  • Integrate family or colleague perspectives with participant or patient perspectives
  • Interactive visualisations and data
  • Securely accessible from your browser or on the go
Predictive Analytics
Viewing data

Gain insights into long term interventions, health processes and care models that work:

  • Get clarity into complex and longitudinal data
  • Set-up early warning systems
  • Red flag patient and health problems
Feedback For Ongoing Improvement
Speech bubbles

Track and provide real time feedback that meets clients where they are at and takes them where they want to go:

  • Customised machine learning - data and correlation allows goAct analysis to deepen accuracy and improve the results for you