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Refer and connect seamlessly

Save time faxing, scanning and waiting on the phone by referring your clients using goAct. A simple click and you’re ready to communicate and share your clients health data with their other services.
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2 Beautifully intertwined platforms

Sleek, modern, easy to use platforms where the client really is at the center of the design. goAct has incorporated the needs of clinical care and simplified the process to deliver a user friendly software for both health professionals and individuals. Individuals can now access real help online from their real clinicians.

Privacy assured

We understand health information needs to be private. Sharing on goAct is just like in real life as you are in control of what you want to share with who. Data is well protected with high level encryption and stored by Amazon Web Services in Australia. See our privacy policy for more information
privacy assured

Data export and reports

Our platform enables providers to highlight data against client profiles, which makes reporting easy. You can search and filter your client list based on these tags, to identify similar clients to conduct comparisons and research. Reports can be downloaded or interfaced with your current database system, or better still consider goAct to take care of your database needs.

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goAct can be accessed from any internet enabled device and has a mobile adaptive platform so it can be used from mobiles to ipads to computers.

This means providers and clients separated by distance or full appointments can now access important health service, delivery and communication. Rural communities definitely benefit from mobile platforms.



Notes provides sophisticated communication and is the heart and sole of goAct.

Share text, video, image, files, SMS and more. Select who you want to share the information with from a list of those connected to the client. Tag Notes to improve search results.






and more


Our clever team makes basic questionnaires make sense with smart designs and graphs.

Evaluate your services and chart your client’s progress.

We can manage complex scoring systems and have more than 10 on our system currently and would love to chat to you about your assessment tools.


Health Tracking

We can collect data from over 60 apps and devices like the popular fitbit, moves app and then the more clinical blood pressure and blood glucose devices. Imagine your clients tracking their health as usual but now they can automatically share their results with their health professionals without any extra work.

Garmin Connect
Jawbone UP
23 and me
heath tracking


All service provider groups are listed on the Marketplace. Clients and their current services can request the services of Providers listed on the Marketplace. Referrals done with a click.


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