• Innovative recruitment for Researchers

    Customised online sign up process to profile and connect participants to your research studies on the goAct web app. Use your logo and colour schemes, and track which advertising medium has been the most effective for recruitment.

  • Data collection from multiple sources

    Access, download and analyse data from over 50 apps and devices that participants can sync to goAct. Track momentary assessment of mood and subjective experiences and schedule questionnaire surveys.

  • Communication and engagement

    Send and track email, sms and goAct Note communication on an individuals profile to keep your participants informed and engaged in your studies. Manage group communication and connect and involve family, friends and other health professionals.


Mission, Vision & Values


Our mission is to increase the number of people participating in research studies in Australia and beyond. Matching more people and their wealth of data with leading Health Researchers can really make a difference to health care.


We value innovative and adaptive technology, but more importantly the people who use this technology. We know people want easy to use, reliable and secure technology, which is why goAct takes great efforts to deliver these qualities.


goAct’s vision moves beyond participant recruitment to where goAct can be used as a therapeutic tool to assist researchers and clinicians to access outstanding information to guide clinical decision making. Where individuals have much more understanding of their health thanks to being actively involved in their care.

Effective Recruitment

Superior to email and phone, online recruitment seamlessly signs up participants without requiring additional staff hours. Register interest buttons on your websites or adverts are linked to your customised sign up page. With profiling part of the sign up process, you can easily filter your volunteer list and find the best participant matches for your study.
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2 Beautifully intertwined platforms

Sleek, modern, easy to use platforms where data and communication can flow seamlessly. Client participation on goAct is not essential either for Researchers to get the benefits, as an sms/email can be sent to the client to connect their apps and devices to goAct without needing to signup.

Privacy assured

We understand health information needs to be private. Data is well protected with high level encryption and stored by Amazon Web Services in Australia. Alternatively goAct can be installed on your database. See our privacy policy for more information
privacy assured

Data export and reports

With data collection starting in the sign up process, Researchers will be able to access a wealth of data they previously didn’t have access to. Client demographics, health conditions, fitness app and device data, subjective measurements for mood, energy and sleep, plus assessment questionnaires. All of this data can be downloaded into excel or pdf for further analysis.

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goAct can be accessed from any internet enabled device and has a mobile adaptive platform so it can be used from mobiles to ipads to computers.

This means providers and clients separated by distance or full appointments can now access important health service, delivery and communication. Rural communities definitely benefit from mobile platforms.



Notes provides sophisticated communication and is the heart and soul of goAct.

Share text, video, image, files, SMS and more. Select who you want to share the information with from a list of those connected to the client. Tag Notes to improve search results.






and more


Our clever team makes basic questionnaires make sense with smart designs and graphs.

Evaluate your services and chart your client’s progress.

We can manage complex scoring systems and have more than 10 on our system currently and would love to chat to you about your assessment tools.


Health Tracking

We can collect data from over 60 apps and devices like the popular fitbit, moves app and then the more clinical blood pressure and blood glucose devices. Imagine your clients tracking their health as usual but now they can automatically share their results with their health professionals without any extra work.

Garmin Connect
Jawbone UP
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heath tracking

Become a leading Health Researcher!

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